Add-in for Inventor (2018 - 2024) for automatic creation and editing of flat patterns and export to DXF, DWG and Word documents

AutoDXF v5.5 features:

  • Automatically find and list all sheet metal parts in assembly
  • Quickly export individual flat patterns using AutoDXF directly from the sheet metal part environment (new for V5.4, full version only)
  • Quickly find and open specific sheet metal component
  • Identify flat pattern status of sheet metal parts
  • Automatic creation of flat patterns and their thumbnails
  • Automatic detection of threaded holes. When exporting to DXF those can be placed on a customizable separate layer
  • Optional automatic creation of points or crosshairs (new for v5.4) in centres of threads when exporting to DXF
  • Automatic detection of holes based on their size. Those can be optionally placed on a separate layer when exporting to the DXF format
  • Optional automatic creation of points or crosshairs (new for v5.4) in centres of holes when exporting to DXF
  • Add customizable text data to DXF files
  • Writing of bending angles and directions on bending lines in DXF files
  • Creation of bend marks at the starts and the ends of the bend lines
  • Rotation of Flat Patterns
  • Rotation along longest edge and rotation along longest bend
  • Automatic flipping of flat patterns so most of the bends are in up or down direction
  • Flip flat pattern
  • Batch export of flat patterns to DXF or DWG files
  • Use number of bends as parameter for file name and DXF text descriptions
  • Flexible DXF/DWG file naming
  • Use custom iProperties for building file names, DXF text data and Word table
  • Set layer names, colours, line weights and line widths
  • Exporting list of sheet metal parts including thumbnails to Microsoft Word
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Demo version

Demo version doesn't require authorization and has some limitations:

  • Finds a maximum of 4 sheet metal parts
  • Exports a maximum of 4 DXF or DWG files
  • 'AutoDXF DEMO,' text is added to DXF texts
  • Only up to 4 holes are detected
  • Only up to 4 crosshairs for holes and threads are created
  • Only up to 4 angles and directions are written on bend lines in exported DXF files
  • Does not support quick export from the sheet metal part environment

Full version (299€ +vat)

Full version requires authorization code.

After you purchase the license you'll receive download link for the full version. Authorization code will be required after first start of autoDXF. You'll get the authorization code by email.

This is a permanent licence and not a subscription. Version AutoDXF v4 works with Inventor 2018 to 2021 and AutoDXF v5 works with Inventor 2022, 2023 and 2024.

Or buy with PayPal:

After we receive the payment you will get the instructions on how to install and authorize the software. Please note that the authorization codes are issued during our office hours - Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm (CET time).